// IBAG Company profile

The IBAG group, with its headquarter in Zurich (CH) and subsidiaries, distributors and service partners all over the world, is one of the leading manu- facturers of high-frequency motor spindles.

In addition to sales and service for IBAG products, IBAG Germany specialised on the right use of the HSC technology.

In our show room at Lindlar (DE) we demonstrate, analyse and optimize custom applications. We train your employees on working with HSC technology. Since 2005 IBAG Germany produces more than 80% of the mechanical IBAG motor spindles parts.

The inhouse production guarantees a constant and high quality from the purchase of raw material to the inspections.

// IBAG Timetravel


IBAG France 25th Anniversary

This year IBAG France celebrates the 25th anniversary.


IBAG Germany 20th Anniversary

This year IBAG Germany celebrates the 20th anniversary.


New MAZAK HCN-4000 at IBAG Germany

In spring IBAG Germany gets a new MAZAK HCN-4000 to increase production capacity in cutting and drilling.


IBAG North America 30th Anniversary

This year IBAG North America celebrates the 30th anniversary.


IBAG France 20th Anniversary

This year IBAG France celebrates the 20th anniversary.


IBAG France gets a new Building Extension

To increase service and repair capacities IBAG France gets an additional building extension. With almost twice of space they developed a new work shop for spindle repairs with balancing and taper grinding machines and a modern test field.


IBAG's 75th Anniversary

On the 14th of February, 2016 IBAG becomes 75 years old.


IBAG DE - New MAZAK QTS 350 Lathe


IBAG uploads new website.


Headquarter IBAG Switzerland moves to new building

With buying the new building IBAG Switzerland increases capacity more than 60%. With the new assembling area and the modern, automatic inspection-field IBAG assures quality and short reaction from the smallest to the biggest motor spindle.


New turning/milling centre MAZAK Integrex 400

With the invest at IBAG Germany to a MAZAK Integrex IBAG increases production capacities.


New Management Board at IBAG Germany

With the retirement of Urs G. Waldvogel Mr. Daniel Waldvogel and Mr. Manzo M. Damigos become managing directors of IBAG Deutschland GmbH.


IBAG Group under new management

Since 2007 the IBAG group is under the management of Mr. Daniel Waldvogel. Together with his brothers Roland and Andreas they lead the company since Mr. Urs G. Waldvogel retired.


New shareholder at IBAG Germany

On the 06th of April, 2005 Mr. Manzo M. Damigos takes the company’s shares of Mr. Hanns-Friedrich Kettenbaum.


IBAG Germany starts inhouse production

With the decision and the purchase of the new building IBAG also does the first step for the inhouse production. With the beginning of the series production of spindle parts in November 2005 IBAG admitts to the production site Germany.


Movement to Lindlar and enlargement of the business division

With the movement to the new fascilities at Schreinerweg 2 in Lindlar, IBAG Germany expands the office and show room. In addition to sales and service of IBAG products, IBAG Germany specialises on working with HSC. On HSC milling centres IBAG Germany does loan production, prototyping and profitability analyses.


Foundation of IBAG Germany

Due to growing outlet in Germany and to offer comfortable sales and service IBAG Deutschland GmbH was founded by Urs G. Waldvogel (CEO IBAG Switzerland), Markos Damigos (Product Manager IBAG Switzerland AG) and Hanns-Friedrich Kettenbaum (CEO Joisten + Kettenbaum GmbH & Co. KG) on the 27th of August, 1999.


Moving to the new headquarter in Lindau-Zurich

With the move to the new fasciliies at Tagelswangen, outside the city of Zurich, IBAG Zurich AG is renamed to IBAG Switzerland AG.


Foundation of IBAG France

With opening IBAG France in the Alsace, IBAG founds a service and maintenance base in the EU.


Foundation of IBAG North America

With the foundation of IBAG North America IBAG starts the effort to become a world wide operating company.


Restructre of the former IBAG Zurich AG to the actual business division

With the specialisation on research and development, designing and manufacturing of high-frequency motor spindles Urs G. Waldvogel put the foundation stone for the today's IBAG. IBAG is the pioneer for High Speed Performance (HSP).


Foundation of IBAG in Switzerland

The company IBAG was founded on the 14th of February, 1941 in Zurich. The name is defined by the former business division (Industrie Bedarf AG = IBAG).